So here’s a THANK YOU for stopping by my travel blog. I hope it will inspire you to keep the curiosity alive in every breath you take.

I am Sandhya (Sandy) and I live and work out of Mumbai. Am totally passionate about being in advertising, but even more in love with capturing time in motion. Travel has been a way of enriching my inner & outer world and it stays my most vibrant companion.


I haven’t a clue when it all began. Was it the 1st trip I took in my Mom’s womb in the 8 month of her pregnancy? Perhaps I got a whiff of what air pockets & bumpy rides would feel like and got all excited! Or was it the return journey, when she insisted on sitting with me at the window seat of a train! I must’ve felt the cool, cool breeze and floated. They say some things just stay on in your mind & build over time.

Pen Pals Anew

My mom was a culture lover, so I became a culture traveler (totally impressionable). We had Greece in common but also the Pyramids, the Renaissance, time prophecies of the Mayans, the Silk Route, the Venice of the East & so much more between us. I then found new love in genetics, migration, anthropology, oneness and photography (self-identity kicks in). The more I started to put them all together, the closer I felt to the ones most different from me in identity. It was all too much for the heart & head to take. The feet had to get familiar too with all this exciting stuff.


So a month after my birthday as a gift to myself, I moved from vicarious living to voracious traveling. Going solo. Going together. Collecting stories along the way. Thrown into twists almost by design. Coming back crazy tired too at the end of an awe-mazed, happy feet holiday. And my appetite hasn’t dimmed a wee bit. It’s 14 years since; but every new journey seems like a fresh, unknown start.

Know Me PWC

If you’d like to know more about some of the journeys, I would love to hear from you in the CONTACT ME page. You can also travel with me through my Facebook, Twitter & Instagram posts. May our feet never tire.





Hi Sandy, I’d like to begin by telling you that you’ve done a beautiful job with the blog. I started travelling with my girl friends last year in November and the first trip was such an amazing experience (we went to Chennai-Mahabalipuram-Pondicherry) that we decided we’ll plan at least one trip per year. So we plan to go to Spain in June this year. I was fretting going to Europe with the two of them as they are hard core non-vegetarians and I am as vegetarian as you can get. Reading your articles about vegetarian food options in Spain gives me a new ray of hope and the excitement levels have gone up already! Thank you so much for the visual journey you took me through. I have shared the URL with my friends and we’ll keep the helpful tips in mind while planning our trip.


Hey lovely to hear about your experience Tanisha. Feel free to write in if you need to know more on what my trip entailed. I have many more posts to share but if this helps, I stayed in Barcelona, Seville & Granada. Visited a few other places as well, keeping these cities as my base. If you have any queries send me a mail from the Contact Me page and I’ll do all that I can to help. Have a fab trip with your buddies.


Sandy saw so much of your Blog today. So beautifully put together as ive seen bits and bobs of your pics before!!!

Loved it Loved it.


Thank You so much. Do keep dropping by. I hope to surprise you often.


Amazing blog Sandhya. I have been to some of the places you’ve outlined. Though there are many places whose air I need to breathe. Someday. Meanwhile continue your posts as they’re delightful visual and word treats. Your Tibet trip is most fascinating. So seems the US.

Don’t know if you’ve been to the Baltic states. If not, plan a trip there. It still looks like the spy movies of the 60’s and 70’s. You think you might bump into the KGB around the next block. Brutalist architectural style is norm de-rigueur. But the people are absolutely lovely. So also the beer and cider 😉 Estonia. Lithuania and Latvia. Take a trip there. Would be interesting to see it from your minds eye.

Keep it going girl!


Gosh. Love the energy of your awesome wishes.

I have so much more to see and the Baltic lands are on the anvil. I felt like I was in a different era in parts of Tashkent too, on my wide-eyed trip to Uzbekistan.


You write beautifully, you shoot amazingly well and narrate in a manner that takes the reader there or atleast wants to go there.
Envy your “voracious traveling”.


Thank You Manoj. It’s a fab feeling to get so many compliments in one message 🙂


Awesome blog. Awesome place kalpa is and no match to the hospitality of Mr Prithvi ji. Thx for sharing


Thank You so much Uday.

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