Serendipity. I really understood what this meant one gorgeous sunny day in Cannes, just a couple of weeks back. I was lounging while feeling the thrill of our team winning a few Lions at the Cannes Festival of Creativity, when my dearest buddies decided that the sea hadn’t seen enough of us. So we went sailing. Err…you must be wondering what that has to do with a chopper ride in Cannes?!! Lots if you see the rest. 4 hours of the morning just went in taking the wheel (playing captain), soaking in the cheese fest, shooting the seagulls and beautiful monasteries along the coastline, besides letting my sunscreen-free skin flirt with the balmy summer breeze.

I had already started to miss the waters when we eventually got off the boat, closer to lunch. Then a chance opening of the Uber mobile app started a whole new story. There was an option of Uber chopper & that got us all curious. Could we take a round trip to Nice just like that! We were in the French Riviera & we’d done tons of walking for 4 days. It was our 3rd trip there in 4 years. Was it time to remember it from the skies?

Just a click later an Uber car dropped us at the place where we could hire the chopper. We just wanted to max out the day. We’d won metals. We deserved to treat ourselves to something extraordinary. So we took flight in a chopper for 45 minutes . If you look at the pictures all of us captured,  you’d say it doesn’t matter if you are sitting by the pilot or at the back by the window. Of course the one sitting in the front will always find it utterly delightful. Besides of course feeling like one is at the controls, the view that envelops in just a few minutes inundates with blue & aquamarine. So am sharing here my captures of the show & tell. I hope my lens seduces you enough to hit the skies whenever you stopover in Cannes.

Before I begin though some details of the route, operator & the costs. The chopper flew over much of the views marked in magenta on the route map.

Chopper Ride Cannes - Route Map
Chopper Ride Cannes - Azur HelicoptereCompany: Azur Helicoptere, Cannes la Bocca

Costs for a 45 mins ride: 1-3 people ~ 750 Euros / 5 people ~ 1490 Euros (it’s worth it)

Chopper Ride Cannes 1

Chopper Ride Cannes 2

Chopper Ride Cannes 3

Chopper Ride Cannes 4

Chopper Ride Cannes 5

Chopper Ride Cannes 6

Chopper Ride Cannes 7

Chopper Ride Cannes 7A

Chopper Ride Cannes 8

Chopper Ride Cannes 9

Chopper Ride Cannes 10

Chopper Ride Cannes 11 - St Tropez

(If the coastline looks like this what must the town look like? St. Tropez is 100 kms from Nice in Southeast France and was the famed hot spot of socialites & jet setters. I bet the headiness lives on)

Chopper Ride Cannes 12 - Port Grimaud

Chopper Ride Cannes 13

Chopper Ride Cannes 14

(Can you spot a statue on that rock?)

Chopper Ride Cannes 15

Chopper Ride Cannes 16

Chopper Ride Cannes 17

Chopper Ride Cannes 18

Chopper Ride Cannes 19

Chopper Ride Cannes 20 - Lerins Abbey

(Lerins Abbey a 5th Century monastery is located on Ile Saint Honorat. The monks who reside on the island work in the vineyards to enable produce some of the finest wines. Some of which have been even served to the heads of state at the last G20 summit. I had  passed by this island in the morning sail but the aerial view is breath taking)

Chopper Ride Cannes 21

Chopper Ride Cannes 22

Chopper Ride Cannes 23

I haven’t a clue how 45 minutes just slipped by. After spending 3 days in the heart of Provence at Gordes, I thought I’d seen some of the most amazing sights in the South of France. But nothing beats the view of a bird in flight you’d agree. In this case a chopper ride in Cannes. Don’t miss it.











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These pictures are amazing! I can’t even imagine seeing all of that in person. If I ever go to Cannes I’ll be taking this chopper tour in a HEARTBEAT!

Alaina |


Am sure you will. Thank You much. I didn’t even know there was a chopper ride to be honest. We just found it on Uber. And after 2 aerial stories collected at Cappadocia & Cannes I think I’ll scribble that into future travels


Just recently stumbled across your blog. Your photos are phenomenal!! I’m looking forward to following your work!
Alissa recently posted…Practicing Spanish And Gratitude In Cobán, GuatemalaMy Profile


Thank You Alissa. Really appreciate you going through the posts. I actually started with photography & much later photo stories 🙂


Come to Iran
Here beautiful
Shiraz – Isfahan, Yazd really nice
If you have a conventional behavior will not be difficult.
Hint You can refer to the Iranian embassy.


Thank You Masoud. I am quite keen to visit Iran and hope to do it soon.


Simply breathtaking!


Breath taking photographs really a treat for your eyes to watch.

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